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Solid, One Piece Dowel Pin(s)
1 piece Solid Dowel Pin, pick your engine and choice of 1 or 2 pins. Take advantage of Pair pricing! We have updated the Solid pins for better strength by reducing the puller thread to M8 x 1.25. This greatly strengthens the "rear" of the pin!
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Pineapple Racing Solid Dowel Pins

  • Helps to insure a true engine centerline which reduces engine failure and increasing bearing life
  • Helps prevent cracking the plates from hp loads or “ping” (esp. important in the 20B and Series 5 & earlier turbo engines)
  • Spreads the load across the length of the engine.
  • Using an external oil line provides a more even oil pressure to the main bearings
  • Low cost, easy installation
  • Available for: 12A, 13B and 20B
  • Custom lengths available

Our Solid Dowel Pins provide an easy, cost effective aid to hp and “ping” loads causing plate cracking or engine damage from loss of clearance from engine flex. Our super strong proprietary material has been meticulously machined to provide what we feel are the most accurate and consistently machined solid dowel pins on the market. The O.D. is accurate to 50 millionth’s! That’s 0.00005”. We “lightly” tapped one end for use with a Dowel Pin Puller.

UPDATE: We have reduced the size of the thread end from M12 down to M8 to greatly increase the strength of the pin on that end. 

****NEW**** Dowel Pin Puller Adapter for our Updated Solid Dowel Pins:

Replace just the lower dowel pins helps to insure your engine’s centerline remains true. It is a great update requiring no machining.

For Medium hp levels (up to 400whp) we offer a drilled pin for use in the upper location. This allows you to get the maximum benefit without the need for any machining necessary with using a solid upper dowel pin.

Replace both lower and upper dowel pins for the maximum improvement. Replacing the upper dowel pins requires the installation of an external oil feed line to the front main oil galley to replace the OEM galley in the OEM dowel pins. Our Oil Pedestal Adapter kit makes this a simple job that can be done with simple hand tools and an electric drill.

High horsepower and the shock loads from “ping” put a tremendous load against the rotor housings. The load deflects the rotor housings outwards, pushing the dowel pin with them. The dowel pins are retained by their fit into the cast iron plates. If the loads are too high, the upper dowel pin can cause the plate(s) to crack. Additionally, since the upper dowel pins are also used as an oil galley, a massive oil leak is also possible. The OEM 20B is especially prone to this type of damage,  and with the price of the “thick” center plate near $1800us, preventing this type of damage pays for itself.

Here is a link to our Oil Pedestal Adapter  when using 2 solid, 1 piece dowel pins:
The Pineapple Racing Oil Pedestal Adapter is a stylish, Nickel plated rotor shaped adapter. It easily installs between the existing oil filter pedestal and the rear plate. It features a ¼”NPT port for an external oil line and an 1/8” NPT port for oil pressure or oil temperature.  


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