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Mazda Factory Flywheel Wrench
This is the Big Kahuna factory tool for removing and installing the flywheel nut, as you may have seen in the Factory Service Manual.
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Awesome manual tool for flywheel nut removal and installation. Even if you have a big impact wrench for removing the flywheel nut, this tool will allow you to properly torque the nut back on. All you do is divide the torque spec by your body weight to find the point at which you lift your feet off the ground. For example, if your weight is 150 lbs and the torque spec is 350 ft lbs, you move out 2.33 ft and lift yourself off the ground.

Overseas orders: Because of the weight and long length, this is an expensive tool to ship abroad. Shipping will usually run $100 for most overseas locations. Our apologies, our shipping calculator has difficulty with calculating postage for odd shaped items like these.

Special order item. Price subject to change. Photo above is of our 20 year old shop tool, not a new product.

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